Centre for the synthesis
and analysis of biodiversity

A centre created and developed by the FRB
Businesses, associations, public institutions, territorial collectivities, nature areas' managers and politicians are nowadays key actors for biodiversity.

Become a partner to take on the challenge of biodiversity

By joining the FRB in supporting CESAB, you contribute to sustaining ambitious analysis and synthesis projects on innovating concepts, led by research teams of international span.

  • Support CESAB and become an actor in a research center of international standings in the field of biodiversity, unique in Europe.
  • Support CESAB's specific research projects: every year, CESAB scientific projects mirror society priorities and answer major issues at stake in biodiversity. Thanks to your support, these projects could expand their scope.
  • Support FRB is to comfort the credibility of your endeavors in biodiversity by supporting fundamental projects towards civil society actors and researchers, policy makers and opinion leaders, and access a network of experts in the field of biodiversity.

To know more about how to support CESAB and FRB, please see the partnership agreement document that defines the main commitments between FRB and its partners. This document aims in particular at reminding that FRB partners do commit to support research that is concerned with the preservation and good-use of biodiversity.

Contact: claire.salomon@fondationbiodiversite.fr 
tel: +33 (0)1 80 05 89 12 

Public institutions partners of FRB for CESAB

The French ministry for Research supports
the development of CESAB and its calls for project proposals.



logo 10The PACA Region supported CESAB during its implementation phase and keeps funding every year post-doctoral researchers for some of the selected research projects.


logo 9

The Pays d'Aix Community strongly supported the CESAB during its implementation on its current site, and keeps welcoming the development of its activities.


technopolelogoSpecial thanks to the Technopole de l’Arbois for its daily support.



Businesses partners of FRB for CESAB


    The Fondation TOTAL is co-funder of the CESAB PELAGIC project.



 is cofunder of the CESAB LOLA-BMS project.