Centre for the synthesis
and analysis of biodiversity

A centre created and developed by the FRB

Centre de synthèse réunion des fellows postdoctoraux
Synthesis Centre postdoctoral fellows have an important role to play: they underpin group performance, particularly in the acquisition and analysis of data in a multi-disciplinary team of collaborators.

In April 2016, postdoctoral fellows from the two synthesis centres in europe, sDiv and CESAB, met for the first time at a workshop at CESAB. Supported by the directors of CESAB and sDiv (Alison Specht and Marten Winter respectively), the postdocs engaged in hackathons, explored career options and skill-sets, and learnt about team dynamics.

One of the major highlights of the meeting was the exchange of experiences. Some of the postdocs were situated in the synthesis centres, others in the laboratories of their principal investigators, some were attached to groups, some were not. Regardless, they all dealt with existing data—the hallmark of the synthesis centre—in a stimulating environment. The participants were definitely international; the majority were European (64%), and the remainder came from the Americas (north and south) and Australia.

We were privileged to have experienced researchers present to talk about the varying pathways to careers in research: Wolfgang Cramer (IMBE, CNRS), Patrick Duncan (CEBC, CNRS), Michel Loreau (CNRS), Roxane Maranger (University of Montreal, Canada), Glyn Rimmington (Wichita State University, USA).

Centre de synthèse fellows postdoctoraux
back left to right: Dylan Craven (sDiv), Bérenger Bourgeois and Reto Schmucki (CESAB), Carsten Meyer (sDiv), Marten Winter (sDiv Director), Petr Keil (sDiv), Alison Specht (CESAB Director).

front left to right: Glyn Rimmington (Wichita State Uni), Benjamin Yguel (sDiv), Andrew MacDonald and Gilles Dauby (CESAB), Joanne Bennett and Katherine Bannar-Martin (sDiv), Gabriel Garcia-Peña (CESAB) and Kelly Ramirez (sDiv).

absent from photo: Aggeliki Doxa (CESAB) and Roxane Maranger (CESAB science advisory committee, Uni Montreal).